About Kami

Introduction of Kami

Greetings champions. If you've made it here, it is solely because you want more than what most see as possible. Here at Kami you will not find anything resembling average, what you will find here  is a breed of people unknowing of the word "limit". Herein gathers those who push beyond what has been done. Join the community and surround yourself with likeminded individuals. It's time. 

Present / Future - Next

Now its time to push forward, and our ultimate goal is to make Kami the best anime/lifting community in existence. To achieve this grand goal, one thing is important, and that is to create an even greater community than what we have ever seen (surpass our current limits.). Together with all of our fellow lifters and anime enjoyers we will make it happen, nothing can stop us. 

"Together, we will make it happen." - Kami

Reflection - Past / Present / Future

During our downtime, we reflected. We came together and refounded Kami's structure and principles, now we are back and better then anyone could ever imagen. 

- Conquer Adversity
- Die Trying
- Action Creates Noise

Kami X Unbreakable (14.07.2022 - 14th of July.)
- Unyelding Will - Eren Yeager
- Belief in Your Actions - Might Guy
- Emotion to Manifestation - Isaac Netero

 Kami X No Regerts (August.)
- Tee's
- Shorts
- Sticker's

No story, no brand // Manifesting “Kami as a whole" - The KMC Movement

Kami’s vision is to bring out the absolute upmost of our members physical and mental capabilities, for them to reach their ambitions and become their best. Nothing will stand in the way of those possessed with “The Kami Mentality” of seizing what they want. We will obtain our objective no matter the cost. This is The Kami Mentality. “Die trying” & “Conquer adversity”.


Kami Mentality Club

Kami Mentality Club is something we developed with the intention of establishing a “place” for those in possession of an unyielding mentality. Dyre, the founding father of Kami, has for a long while been preaching the transformation of the company into somewhat of a community for those who want more than just to be comfortable in life. Hence, Kami Mentality Club.

These will be clothes, offering folk an opportunity to wear their mental. Carrying this will make you able to mirror your mentality in the clothes for a representation of what you are capable.

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